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06/08/17 Fathers as Caretakers
Whether by choice or necessity, many modern dads do more to nurture their kids than their fathers did.

04/12/17 Beyond Heroes or Villains: Looking Back at Your Father’s Legacy
Pen your thoughts about your father to help clarify what you want for your kids.

03/31/17 Practice Positive Discipline to Help Kids Learn From Their Mistakes
Defying parents is part of growing up, so take advantage of these teachable moments.

02/23/17 Creating Your ‘Dad’s Vision Statement’
Why – and how – you should put into writing what kind of father you want to be for your kids.

02/06/17 The Serious Business of Play
How having fun with your child can help with brain development.

01/23/17 Fathers: We Must Learn From Our Children
By paying careful attention to who our kids are, we can help them realize their dreams.





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