Revolutionary Program for Parents in Recovery

Thanks to a $166,000 Inspiration Grant from Alkermes, The Fatherhood Project (TFP) is excited to announce it will hold four training conferences in 2019 for clinicians and other Behavioral Health professionals in New England, Arizona, Minnesota and the Southeast to teach them how to implement the evidence-based Parents in Recovery program in their communities.

Approximately 70 million children and adolescents live with at least one parent who is dependent on alcohol or an illicit substance. Evidence-based parenting interventions are an important complement to substance use treatments as 96% of fathers in our study say they would benefit from improved parenting skills.

Developed by TFP and emphasizing competence and connection, Parents in Recovery (an expansion of our Dads in Recovery program) is an innovative program that will enhance the system of care provided to fathers and mothers struggling with substance use disorders. Parents who complete Parents in Recovery and connect or reconnect with their children are more likely to recover and sustain that recovery.

“We are honored to receive this grant from Alkermes and for the chance to increase parental hope and sense of mission in the world by increasing parents’ feelings of confidence, competence and connection with their children,” says TFP Executive Director Raymond Levy. “This grant enables us to train clinicians around the country, where the program can become an important tool in a multidisciplinary, coordinated approach to address the cycles of substance use disorder, poverty and violence plaguing our most vulnerable populations.”

If you are interested in attending one of these trainings, please contact us at

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